If you are concerned about app permissions, or want to understand which is used for what. Here we list them all.

This app uses Device administration permission. It is necessary and used to instantly lock the device.

Note: It is mandatory to disable Device administration before trying to uninstall the app.

With Android 5 (Lollipop) and above, Smart lock system introduced with Android OS. It is created to work with Biometric for easy unlocking. To support this unlock feature, on some devices app needs to adjust System settings on a temporary basis. App usually modifies the settings, and after finishing it's locking job, the pre-set user Settings are placed back.

With Android 9 and above, Accessibility service allows an app to use internal Screen Lock feature. This is optional but recommended to speedup locking process.

To play sound file, as selected by a user, at the time of selected event i.e. lock, wakeup, etc., app needs to have Read and Write Storage permission.

App has Pause on apps, and On home screen feature, to enhance usability experience. To identify which app user is currently using at the time of event, Usage statistics permission is needed.

Floating widget is a great convenience to access from any where user likes. For this, app needs to get Draw over other apps permission to place the widget on screen above all.

Sensor events i.e. Flip cover, Air swipe, Awesome shake, etc., and sound system depends on consistent running background service to get notified from system and act accordingly. To make all this happen with ease, so that you may not need to bother about starting it again (by opening the app after boot/restart), we start the service at system startup

  • Prevent device from sleeping
    Used by Movement listener, Info view, Prevent locking for, etc.

  • Control vibration
    Used for Vibration option i.e. upon device locked.

  • install shortcuts
    To create Admin lock, and Smart lock shortcuts with custom icon.

  • Analytics and AdMob or Google Play license check
    • Full network access
    • View network connections
    • Receive data from Internet