Quick setup

After installing Screen Lock app:

  1. Enable Device administration
    This is the starting point. Enabling it allows the app to Screen Off and Lock the device.

  2. Enable Notification
    This is where we will start to access the Lock feature(s), Admin lock or Smart lock of this app.

  3. Tap on Admin lock
    Pull down Notification and tap on Admin lock. It is the master lock option. If you are using Smart lock features of the device i.e. Biometric unlock option with a PIN, Pattern or Password set as security, it is possible that this feature may block you. Not to worry, if it don’t work for you, we have alternative as Smart lock available.

  4. Enable Fix biometric unlock
    App takes Write system settings permission. When Smart lock feature is used, it temporarily modifies the system timeout to let the device go to sleep normally. Various other options available inside it’s setting.

  5. Tap Back ◀️ to navigate back to the app.

  6. Tap on Smart lock
    Pull down Notification and tap on Smart lock. This time it can take 3…10+ seconds to lock. Advisable not to touch the screen while in progress. It locks the device softly and you should be able to unlock via biometric unlock options as you use. If you feel it is taking too long, not to worry if you have Android 9 or above in your device. We can overcome this delay with next step.

  7. Enable Accessibility
    Navigate to Workaround section of the app, and enable Accessibility settings. This will take you to respective Settings section of your device. There look for Installed services and inside that you will find this app. Enable and grant Accessibility service there.

  8. Tap on Smart lock
    Pull down Notification and tap on Smart lock. This time it will lock the device pretty quick, yet allowing you to unlock via biometric options as you may be using.

You are all done. Now you are ready to explore other cool features available for you in this app.