Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Screen Lock Pro

'Screen Lock Pro' version 1.7.2b has been released. It's a complete organised code of 'Screen Lock' free version. One can wonder, what's the difference? But there is a good technical difference between free and pro.

Why should I go pro?

1. Better management of Battery Power and CPU for services. A separate process gets created for the service, so it doesn't interfere with other programmes running in device.

2. Device default theme, so little faster and smoother UI experience with animation.

3. Calibrate device, to let the app understand your device behaviour for better accuracy.

5. Air swipe to lock, uses Proximity sensor of your device. Just swipe on air for three times and the device gets locked. No need to touch the screen any more.

6. Air swipe to on and off, uses Proximity sensor of your device. Just swipe on air for two times and the screen goes off but will not lock, now again swipe two times to wake up the device. Very easy and it gives a feeling of high tech activity.

7. Air swipe haptic feedback, is for air swipe events. Movement on air is like magic, but u can never notice if any event is fired or not. So use it to get notified in your hands.

8. Screen off and on, without device getting locked. Best choice for people receiving tons of email, sms and frequently using the device for quick information. You just put the device on your desk, screen will go off, but it will not lock; when you pick up the phone, screen wakes up instantly. Special intelligence is their to detect accidental device movement while placed on desk. So you don't need to worry about unwanted screen on.

9. Keep screen on, is a handy feature which you can keep activated. When you are reading some content using the device, it often reaches to ideal time. Screen goes dark, and you are forced to use home/power button to wake it up. Doing so, your concentration breaks. But, with 'Screen lock Pro', a slightest movement can instruct the device to wakeup or suspend from being going to sleep mode.

10. Using widget? Wonder if you can resize the area so that it can be placed at centre position of your screen. With the 'pro' you can do that on Android 4.0+. On Android 4.2+ you can use the widget in lock screen as-well.

11. You have used 'Shake to lock' with free version, but what if you want it to pause it quick on landscape mode. Sometimes in life we need that. With 'Screen Lock Pro' you get Pause on landscape mode where you can pause the service temporarily and activate back as you go off from landscape mode. This feature is also supported for 'Air swipe to lock' and 'Air swipe to on and off'. Better usability.

12. By going 'pro' you support the developer team of such a good app, and to do more and better.

More cool things are expected in future pro updates:

1. Awesome shake movement to lock (Get it as: Air swipe)
2. Awesome shake movement to unlock (Get it as: Air swipe)
3. Rename the shortcut for your personal style (Get it, it's done)
4. More icons to choose for shortcut and widget (Get it, it's done)
5. Widgets and shortcut for Screen off but no lock

You have a special requirement? Drop an email to developer with details, we will provide them on future updates.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Screen Lock

 Screen Lock

Screen Lock, app for Android™, with animation and functionalities you would love. Believe that a good app, is a good friend. So what is the difference from 1000s of other such apps? This app understands your device. Every device is different in one, or the other way. It doesn't metter which type of animation config, or sound volume you set, it just works well. All have a different choice, all have a unique way of liking. This app tries to give you the best as you expect.

Nothing can be said to be fully completed or perfect. Time and experiences with the support and inputs from the community, we will make it the best, of all.

If your power button has some issue, if its in a danger area, if your device is slippery enough, or its a big tablet device, you may want to have an easy control to screen off and lock the device. This is its requirement. This is why, we made it.

Why to force the device to lock itself? Why to use device and battery power just to lock it down? No, we should not do, save energy, save power.  This app just locks smoothly, even in Android™ 4.0.x and above, without screen flickering. We have a unique way to let the device, go to sleep and lock down. Let the device love the app :) why to force your beloved device :).

Various options to lock the device:
  1. Create shortcut to screen lock app
  2. Use the screen lock widget
  3. Enable in notification area
  4. Enable shake to lock screen
  5. Access screen lock, by long pressing search button, if your device has it

Features it has:
  1. Lock device with one touch
  2. Animation when you lock (Android™ 2.2 and above)
  3. Vibrate upon screen lock
  4. Select different vibration strength
  5. Play sound upon lock (on animation start or at end).
  6. Use unlock sound.

As a human being, our knowledge is limited. We need every one to contribute to make it better and better and the best. All Android app users, lovers, fans are most welcome to give reviews and suggestions. If you find an issues, let us know. We will do our best and make it issue free.

Hope you will like and use the app for your convenience.

It's a free app. We are not generating any money. Help us, and let every one know about it. The more users we get, the better we can make it.

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