Thursday, 1 August 2013

Screen Lock

 Screen Lock

Screen Lock, app for Android™, with animation and functionalities you would love. Believe that a good app, is a good friend. So what is the difference from 1000s of other such apps? This app understands your device. Every device is different in one, or the other way. It doesn't metter which type of animation config, or sound volume you set, it just works well. All have a different choice, all have a unique way of liking. This app tries to give you the best as you expect.

Nothing can be said to be fully completed or perfect. Time and experiences with the support and inputs from the community, we will make it the best, of all.

If your power button has some issue, if its in a danger area, if your device is slippery enough, or its a big tablet device, you may want to have an easy control to screen off and lock the device. This is its requirement. This is why, we made it.

This app just locks smoothly, even in Android™ 4.0.x and above, without screen flickering. We have a unique way to let the device, go to sleep and lock down. Let the device love the app :) why to force your beloved device :).

Various options to lock the device:
  1. Create shortcut to screen lock app.
  2. Use the screen lock widget.
  3. Enable in notification area.
  4. Enable shake to lock screen.
  5. Access screen lock, by long pressing search button, if your device has it.

Features it has:
  1. Lock device with one touch.
  2. Animation when you lock (Android™ 2.2 and above).
  3. Vibrate upon screen lock.
  4. Select different vibration strength.
  5. Play sound upon lock.
  6. Use unlock sound.

As a human being, our knowledge is limited. We need every one to contribute to make it better and better and the best. All Android app users, lovers, fans are most welcome to give reviews and suggestions. If you find an issues, let us know. We will do our best and make it free from the notified issue.

Hope you will like and use the app for your convenience.

It's a free app. Help us, and let every one know about it. The more users we get, the better we can make it.

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  1. No funciona tono(sonido) Para bloqueo i desbloqueo Sony Xperia T 4.3

  2. ES una Magnífica aplicación. Areglar esto, añado 5* i me paso a la Pro

  3. Please help since I rated it it now opens 2app store saying open deactivate ever time

  4. Hi Prahallad,

    A good app, though as I'm using CM11, it doesn't add that much to my phone, as there is already a "Go To Sleep" function in the Apps Drawer. However, I'm sure it's very useful to many OEM Android users, and I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that would improve it even for me.

    One thing I have never understood is why Android has so long used the Horrible, Old, Retro, CRT turning off animation (since Gingerbread, I think.) I hated that when it came out, and I still do. Why do we need to use something so OLD and crummy, on a modern, state-of-the-art piece of technology?

    I don't really love any of the sample animations provided with your app, except Fade Out, which CM11 also provides (and is part of Froyo). Most of them are too complex, or feature a double animation when one is better - like "Zoom out bounce", "Lines Crossed" (misspelled, BTW), "Line Darkness". Could you make some of these simpler by separating them into two simple animations, please?

    For example, convert "Zoom out bounce" to simply "Zoom out", "Lines Crossed" to simply "Horizontal Lines" which are just black lines coming from Left and Right over the existing image, and as they meet, the screen becomes Black, rather than the turning white first, then lines crossing, then fading out? It's all too much as it is, in my view. If the black lines simply come across as they do now but maybe more slowly, it will look like two sets of shutters closing. I prefer simplicity!

    Also, for "Line Darkness", could you make a new animation and call it simply "Nightfall", please? So, from "Line Darkness", remove the Black Lines that go up the screen, and simply have the Black Fade fall from the top of the screen. I think "Nightfall" is the ideal name for this.

    A couple of new suggestions I'd like to offer are:
    1. A new animation called "Black Hole", which simply starts with a Black dot at the centre of the screen, and gets bigger and bigger until it Blacks out the whole screen.

    You could get fancy with that and create various options, so that rather than the black dot just getting bigger, the centre of the screen could be sucked into the hole like water going down a plug hole. It could form a vortex, or it could simply pull the nearest parts in, then, working outwards, the next nearest, and so on.

    2. Another idea could be "SuperNova", where a bright spot expands outwards from the centre "burning" everything on the screen as it goes, and leaving Black once it has passed.

    3. "Curtains" - two black shutters that close from the sides

    4. "Camera Shutter" - curved, pivoting, black shutters that close to a single central point from pivots located on a circle outside of the screen rectangle.

    5. "Free Fall" where you Zoom In to the screen until all that's left to see is a single "pixel" which fills the whole screen with whatever colour it is, then fades to black.

    6. "Detonate" where the screen image explodes outwards in many pieces.

    7. "Shattered" where the screen image shatters and falls down

    8. "Dematerialise" where (pseudo-)random pixels turn black until the whole screen is black. This could also be done by numerous non-random algorithms, such as spirals - either inward or outward, or scanning, back and forth down the screen like an eraser, etc.

    9. "Decolourise" where the screen slowly turns to Black and White, then Black.

    Hope these ideas provide food for thought.

    Al C.

    1. Hello AI Can,

      Thanks, for such a good explanation and suggestions. I will sourly try to implement those thoughts. Not all are possible, but will try to do it.

      Happy appling,

  5. Is it possible to lock screen with power button instead of widget

    1. No it's not possible at moment. If some day I find a way to do it without rooting I will do that for scour.

  6. I have a Google pixel, if you lock it from the widget, it disables the thumbprint reader, is there a way around this?

  7. How can i unstill this app from my device pls help me..

  8. Why so expensive the pro version ?

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  11. When I unlock the phone with fingerprint it also wants a pattern unlock too after previously turning screen off with the widget.
    Is there a workaround